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General Plan
General Plan 2006 is the City of Gardena's recently updated General Plan. This plan will guide the physical development of the city the next 15-20 years.

Developed over an 18-month period, the plan is based upon a collaborative effort involving the community, property owners, chamber of commerce and homeowners alike. The plan is based upon the following core vision for the city as a:

City of Gardena
Arrow City of Opportunity
Arrow Safe and attractive place to live, work and play
Arrow Community that values ethnic and cultural diversity
Arrow Strong and diverse economic base

Arrow What is a General Plan?

Every city and county in California is required by state law to prepare and maintain a planning document called a General Plan. The general plan is the long range "blueprint" for a jurisdiction and guides development decisions, identifies long-term objectives for the next 15-20 years and contains policies and actions to help achieve community goals over the period of time. The general plan addresses all aspects of growth and development and includes topics such as land use, housing, economic development, circulation, safety, parks and recreation, and public facilities.

In summary, the General Plan serves to:

Articulate a 15-20 year vision or picture for the future growth of the City;
Identify the City's land use, circulation, housing, environmental, economic, and social goals, policies and actions; and
Provide direction in the planning and evalution of future development and resource decisions.

What's in the Gardena General Plan?

As required by the state law, the Gardena General Plan is presented as a collection of "elements" or subject categories. Click here to view the Introduction to the General Plan. These elements and the issues interrelate with each other and are summarized below.

Community Development Element

Arrow Land Use Plan
Arrow Economic Development Plan
Arrow Community Design Plan
Arrow Circulation Plan

Click here to view information on the City of Gardena Housing Element 2008-2014 .

Community Resources Element

Arrow Open Space Plan
Arrow Conservative Plan

Community Safety Element

Arrow Public Safety Plan
Arrow Noise Plan

Implementation Program

Arrow Implementation


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