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1700 West 162nd St.
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 217-9500
City Seal
Elected Officials
To provide leadership and resources that ensure the highest quality of life possible for residents, support business development, welcome visitors, and establish a positive work environment for City employees.

Arrow Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

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    Mayor Pro Tem & Councilmembers    
  Tasha Cerda
Mark E. Henderson
Mayor Pro Tem
Dan Medina
Terrence Terauchi
Mayor Pro Tem Tasha Cerda Councilmember Henderson Councilmember Medina Councilmember Terauchi

    City Treasurer
& City Clerk
  J. Ingrid Tsukiyama
City Treasurer
  Mina Semenza
City Clerk
  Ingrid Tsukiyama   Mina Semenza    

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