1670 West 162nd St.
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 217-9552
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Senior Citizens Bureau
The office of the Senior Citizens Bureau is located in the Kiyoto "Ken" Nakaoka Community Center at 1670 W. 162nd Street. Phone (310) 217-9552 to reach:

arrow Senior Citizens Bureau Manager Kathy Walker
arrow Nutrition Services Coordinator Lauren Mataalii

The Senior Citizens Bureau is under the umbrella of the Human Services Division and provides a variety of services to the community in an effort to allow participants to enhance their quality of their lives and enable them to maintain their independence. This mission is achieved through the administration of S.C.A.M.P., C.A.P.E., home delivered meals, integrated care management including senior citizen outreach and meals programming and care for those suffering from Alzheimer's of mental disease.

(S.C.A.M.P.) Senior Community Action Meals Program provides daily meals that assure minimum dietary requirements. Meals are served at 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Nakaoka Community Center and at 12 noon Monday through Friday at the Japanese Cultural Institute, the Senior Citizens Day Care Center, Rowley Park, Thornburg Park and the Lawndale Senior Center. Lunch programs also provide the opportunity for participants to engage in social and recreational activities while receiving nutrition and health related information.

(S.C.A.M.P.-H.D.M.) Senior Community Action Meals Program-Home Delivered Meals provide home-delivered meals and outreach to isolated seniors allowing them to maintain their independence. Participants receive a hot meal daily, weekend meals, visits by a registered dietician, informational material on good nutrition and are monitored on a regular basis to determine changing needs.

(C.A.P.E.) Community Action Program for the elderly promotes independence and prevents the premature institutionalization of senior citizens through the providion of comprehensive social services includng in-home support such as housekeeping, transportation, personal care, yard work, and shopping assistance for the frail elderly; information and assistance that connects seniors with a variety of community services; and legal and health benefits counseling.

Integrated Care Management Demonstration Project provides assistance to the elderly population through a full range of care management services, including an in-home assessment, care plan development, service arrangement and monitoring. Special emphasis is placed on the at-risk seniors in the community as identified by Adult Protective Services. In special circumstances, the project can provide additional support through the purchase of selected items, such as medications and durable medical equipment that may be beyond the client's ability to pay.

The Senior Bureau provides support to senior citizens through information and referral services, case management, in-home support; daily nutritional meals at seven community sites, home-delivered meals, outreach, health clinics, escort and shopping services; specialized care for people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, including daily socialization and recreation programs, exercise, lunch, art and music therapy, counseling, health screening, transportation, special events; programs for the chronically mentally ill who live in board and care and family group homes, including daily social, recreational and educational programs.
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